31st Annual Tour of the American Travelling Morrice

Cotswolds, England Tour

July 22 – 29, 2006

Saturday, 22nd July

11.30 amSTOW-ON-THE-WOLDThe Square by Stow Lodge
2.00 pmSTOW-ON-THE-WOLDThe Square by TIC
6.45 pmUPPER ODDINGTONHorse and Groom
7.45 pmBLEDINGTONKings Head
8.45 pmLONGBOROUGHCoach and Horses

Sunday, 23rd July

10.30 amWARWICKFolk Festival Site
12.00 pmWARWICKRose and Crown, Market Square
4.00 pmSTRATFORD UPON AVONShakespeare’s Birthplace, Henley Street
5.00 pmSTRATFORD UPON AVONPen and Parchment, by TIC
7.00 pmBIDFORD ON AVONFrog and Bulrush
8.00 pmILMINGTONThe Howard Arms
8.45 pmILMINGTONRed Lion

Monday, 24th July

11.00 amGREAT MALVERNBelle Vue Island
12.00 pmGREAT MALVERNBelle Vue Island
1.15 pmTWYNINGThe Fleet
3.30 pmTEWKESBURYAbbey Mill, Mill Street
4.00 pmTEWKESBURYThe Abbey
8.00 pmUPTON UPON SEVERNKings Head
9.00 pmHANLEY CASTLEThree Kings

Tuesday, 25th July

11.30 amWITNEYButter Cross/ Market Place
12.30 pmWITNEYMarket Place
2.30 pmWITNEYCogges Manor Farm Museum
8.00 pmEYNSHAMThe Red Lion, The Square

Thursday, 27th July

11.30 amWOODSTOCKThe Star
12.30 pmWOODSTOCKThe Star
3.00 pmWOODSTOCKBlenheim Palace
7.00 pmCHARLBURYRose and Crown
8.00 pmWOOTTONKillingworth Castle Inn

Friday, 28th July

11.00 amLOWER SLAUGHTEROpposite Washbourne Court Hotel
12.00 pmBOURTON ON THE WATERBy the Mad Hatter
2.00 pmBOURTON ON THE WATERBy the Mad Hatter
3.30 pmSHERBORNEPost Office Stores
7.30 pmNORTHLEACHThe Square
8.30 pmBURFORDThe Lamb

Saturday, 29th July

With the Travelling Morrice and Chipping Campden Morris Men

10.30 amMORETON-IN-MARSHWar Memorial
11.30 amBROADWAYWar Memorial
12.30 pmBROADWAYWar Memorial
2.15 pmBROADWAYCrown and Trumpet
4.00 pmHIDCOTE MANORTheatre Lawn
6.15 pmCHIPPING CAMPDENProcession from Church Rooms