38th Annual Tour of the American Travelling Morrice

Yorkshire Dales Tour

27 July – 3 August, 2013

Saturday 27th July

10:30HAWESThe Old Board Inn
12:00REETHThe Black Bull Hotel
15:15LEYBURNMarket Square
17:15AYSGARTHAysgarth Falls Hotel
18:15HARDRAWGreen Dragon Inn

Sunday 28th July

10:30LAKESIDELakeside Pier
12:00BOWNESSBowness Pier
12:30BOWNESSThe Lakeview
15:30BOWNESSBowness Pier
16:40LAKESIDELakeside Pier
18:00CARTMELThe Kings Arms
20:00CARTMELThe Royal Oak

Monday 29th July

14:00KENDALMarket Place
15:30BROCKHOLELake District Visitor Centre
17:15GRASMEREThe Red Lion Hotel
18:15AMBLESIDEBorrans Park

Tuesday 30th July

19:00WENSLEYThe Three Horseshoes (with Flag and Bone)

Wednesday 31st July

11:30KEIGHLEYThe Lord Rodney
13:15KEIGHLEYRailway station
14:30OXENHOPEThe Bay Horse
15:30OXENHOPERailway station
17:30SKIPTONCanal Basin
18:15SKIPTONRailway station

Thursday 1st August

10:30KIRBY STEPHENMarket Square
12:30TAN HILLTan Hill Inn
15:00BARNARD CASTLEThe Bowes Museum
17:30RICHMONDMarket Square
20:00HUDSWELLThe George and Dragon (with Richmond Morris Men)

Friday 2nd August

11:00KIRBY LONSDALEMarket Square
12:30WRAYThe George and Dragon
15:00CATONThe Station Hotel
16:30LANCASTERMarket Square
20:00NETHER KELLETThe Limeburners (with John O’Gaunt Morris Men)

Saturday 3rd August

10:00PENRITHCorn Market
12:00CARLISLEMarket Square
12:45CARLISLEThe Sportsman Inn
15:00CARLISLEScotch Street
15:45CARLISLETullie House Museum
18:00SEDBURGHCar park by TIC