“Men should recall that when the ATM kit was devised, it was intended as an alternative to disparate hometown kit worn by the various members. It specifically was NOT mandatory, just a voluntary suggestion of unity, commonality and solidarity. But since its initial appearance on the 1984 tour, it has become almost universally accepted.” 1)


There are two different styles of rosettes in use. The Binghamton pattern uses the 1“ width red, 1½” width navy blue and 2“ grey widths for the circles and 1” for the tails. The TVI pattern only uses 1“ width ribbon. The color pattern for the circles is red in the center, navy in the middle layer, grey outermost. 2)

Jimmy Nash gave this information when he last bought it from Shindo SIC in NYC in 2008.

  • Navy Blue elastic: 1½” width (from Pacific Trimming)
  • Red grosgrain ribbon (color #14): 1“ width
  • Navy Blue grosgrain ribbon (color #25): 1” width
  • Grey grosgrain ribbon (color #82): 1“ width
  • Navy Blue grosgrain ribbon (color #25): 1½” width
  • Grey grosgrain ribbon (color #82): 2“ width

The red should be a darker red and it seems to be variously called maroon or cranberry (Rich reports that cranberry from Offray has a stock number of C-270) but probably not burgundy.


White pants, white shirt, white socks, black shoes, navy blue neck bandanna, navy blue suspenders (or braces), preferably the dressy kind that button onto the pants rather than using the claw fasteners (therefore the kind with a single strap in the back).

  • Rosette attaches to left suspender (over the heart as a target or ward).
  • Bells are motley: your home team's ribbons and style are fine.
  • No hats or sunglasses worn while dancing.
1) Klosky, 2010
2) Peter believes it was Bob Doucet, ATM squire in the winter of 1983/84, who devised the color scheme
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